Thyroid Division

Bangladesh is an endemic region for thyroid diseases. About 10% people of this country suffer from it. About 60% of the patients in our institute are thyroid related. Thyroid Division deals with both diagnosis and therapy of thyroid disorders. Diagnosis:

 Thyroid Uptake test:
This test is used to see the initial functional status of thyroid cells, to exclude thyroiditis from thyrotoxicosis and for dose determination in cases of thyrotoxicosis.

 Thyroid scan:
To see the size of the thyroid and to evaluate the functional status of the gland or a nodule.

 Ultra sonogram:
High resolution ultrasonogram of the thyroid is also done in this division to see the texture of the gland and nature of any nodule (anatomical delineation).

 In-vitro tests:
Huge numbers of hormone assay tests are done in our in-vitro division. T3, T4, TSH, FT3 , FT4 , Tg and anti-Tg levels are analyzed.