131I therapy for thyrotoxic patient:
About 300 new patients of thyrotoxicosis are given 131I therapy after proper evaluation in every year and under proper guidelines. These patients are also followed up to evaluate the efficacy of the therapy and help to maintain quality of life.

131-I therapy for thyroid Cancer patient:
131-I therapy is given after thyroid operation (total or near-total thyroidectomy). 131I therapy is given to about 550 new patients every year. These patients are also followed up regularly by -131I scan and Tg, Anti TgAb, TSH estimation.

Effectiveness of both therapies is satisfactory. Number of patients of both thyroid cancer and thyrotoxicosis are increasing day by day.

90Sr irradiation by ophthalmic bowl-shaped applicator is being given to the patients with pterygium. Irradiation is conducted starting on the first postoperative day for 2 days. Irradiation is carried out ~900 rad fraction (total dose of ~1800-2000 rad) in pterygium and in squmous cell carcinoma of eyes ~13000 rad in five fractions in consecutive days.