Nuclear Cardiology Division

One of the prestigious and advanced Nuclear Medicine activities in the institute is Nuclear Cardiology procedures. The principal study is the myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI), also radionuclide angiography, multigated acquisition (MUGA) studies are infrequently done. Myocardial perfusion scintigraphy has rapidly gained popularity among the cardiologist and cardiac surgeons due to its effective and decisive roles. Usually one-day stress/rest protocol is used and the stress is done in collaboration with Clinical Cardiology department of the B SMMU. For the stress ETT (Exercise Tolerance Test) with Treadmill or pharmacologic stress (dobutamine/adenosine). The radiotracers used for the procedure are Tc-99m labeled sestamibi or tetrofosmin. MPI plays an important role to differentiate from infarction with ischaemia and also for viability studies. A large number of patients are benefited with this procedure by avoiding invasive procedure of coronary angiography as well as unnecessary cardiac stent/surgeries especially in whom, who has already infarction. In the near future plans have been taken to perform FDG PET-CT metabolism studies for even better understanding of viability.