PET-CT Division

PET-CT and Cyclotron
NINMAS is running a state-of-art PET-CT service providing scans for patients with malignancy, inflammatory and infectious diseases and neurological disorders. PET-CT has been established recently in 2015 at NINMAS under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) through an ADP project, “Establishment of Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT) with Cyclotron facilities” Under this Project Cyclotron has been installed. The most popular PET tracer 18F- fluorodeoxyglucose(FDG) is being produced by the cyclotron.

. PET- CT is an innovative nuclear medicine diagnostic technique combining functional and anatomical information. Radiation from a tracer is detected by a ring of detectors (PET: functional information) and fused with anatomical information from the CT. The most widely used tracer is fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG). It is an analogue of sugar and is taken up by cancer cells and inflammation. We work closely with the referring clinicians and provide a fast turnaround high quality service. We offer scans with FDG for patients with malignancy (lung, lymphoma, colorectal and others), inflammatory and infectious conditions (pyrexia of unknown origin, tuberculosis, large vessel vasculitis, infection) and neurological disorders (memory loss, cognitive impairment and dementia).

Plans have been taken to initiate FDG Cardiac PET Scan (for assessing myocardial viability). After establishment of in-house Cyclotron, 13N, 15O, 11C and other short half-lived isotope studies would be possible. Starting from the very first day PET-CT studies, quite a good number of patients have been benefited and resulted in reduction of numbers of patients going abroad for advanced medical management.

PET-CT Studies at NINMAS
 • Whole Body FDG PET-CT Scan (For Cancer, Infection, Fever of Unknown Origin, Occult  Malignancy)
 • FDG Brain PET (for Dementia, Epilepsy, Neuro-rehabilitation)
PET-CT studies are conducted through appointments of patients. Leaflets containing detailed information regarding the preparation of the studies and procedure are provided to the patients in these sessions, prior the tests.
PET-CT Imaging Procedure
For PET-CT imaging an IV channel is opened in patient’s hand to give FDG injection. After injection patient has to wait for 45-60 minutes. During this period patient has to take rest in lying condition closing his eyes and rest his voice also (talking is not allowed). Scanning time in machine bed is 20-25 minutes. Patient may need to stay total 4-5 hours at NINMAS to complete the procedures and waiting due to queue.
Patients’ preparation instructions for PET-CT imaging:
PET-CT is a specialized imaging procedure. The following preparation should be maintained to get a right report/imaging. Please read carefully the instructions and if do not understand ask your consulting doctor.

Pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated for PET-CT imaging. In case of female patient- if date of last menstruation is over one month-please inform doctor. Lactation is relative contraindication.

In previous day of PET-CT imaging:
1. Please take full rest and avoid vigorous exercise, long journey and strenuous household work
2. Do not take sugar, sweet and sweet fruits
3. Please take less carbohydrate ex: please take one cup rice or 1 piece bread in each meal
4. Please avoid potato, cabbage and leafy vegetables and can take other vegetables in small quantity
5. One can take protein in good quantity: egg/fish/2-3 pieces of chicken in each meal
6. Tea, coffee, coca cola, betel leaf, jorda and smoking should be strictly avoided.
7. Milk and dairy products are to be avoided
8. Please take plenty of water (6-8 glasses in 24 hrs)
9. If constipation- please take laxative tablets-2 at previous night
10. Please take dinner at 10-12 PM
11. Special instructions for diabetic patients for previous day:
  a) Diabetes should be controlled
  b) Please take diabetic diet according to your doctor’s advice
  c) Please take anti-diabetic drug (tablets and insulin) according to your doctor’s advice

Preparation on the day of examination :

a. Rising in the morning patient should take 1-2 glasses of water in every hour until imaging. Other food is not allowed.

b. Dress should be cotton and comfortable. Please bring winter (warm) clothes like sweater/shawl/blanket / socks with you.

c. No metallic object should be worn or on the clothes. Please leave all metallic ornaments and talisman.

d. In case of a patient with colostomy bag- please come with an accompanying person who will help to change the bag before imaging. Please bring a new bag with you.

e. If the weight of a patient is below 50 kg and very sick patient who cannot fast -please take a boiled egg at 6.00 A M as breakfast

f. Please do not use staircase and use lift.

For diabetic patients on day of imaging:

a. Please check your fasting blood sugar. If it is greater than 10 mmol/L or 180 mgm/dl-please inject insulin 2 units (as prescribed for you) subcutaneously

b. Please take one boiled egg and 2 glasses of water at 6.00 AM

c. Please do not take anti diabetic oral drugs

d. Please bring insulin (if you are using)/ anti diabetic drugs with you

Please come at 8.30 AM and contact PET-CT reception at Floor- 1st, Block-F, BSMMU campus. Please bring prescription, all investigations papers and previous images with you. Your patience and cooperation are expected.